Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Audiobooks Update

I'm happy to report that our Audiobooks project for our Centennial Year (7 titles) is completely funded! I have already sent off the major "thank you" gifts (a sterling silver medallion I received after working for the Vatican during the Great Jubilee 2000, and a set of bronze medallions commemorating the opening of St John Paul's beatification process). When the campaign officially closes eight days from now I have my work cut out for me sending medals and bumper stickers--and fudge! (But only with Sr Donna's help; I have never made a successful batch of fudge in my life.)

Since we met our fundraising goal, the Indiegogo service will keep our page open for continuing donations. That is important because we have had to put the kibosh on many a worthwhile project due to lack of funds. Even a vocation video we started last year has been on hold. (As much as we believe it will "pay for itself" in future workers in the vineyard, the bills have to be paid "today"!) So if you were intending to make a Lenten donation to the project, please don't feel that your gift would be pointless. The audiobooks for this year are taken care of, but we still need (and appreciate) your support for our mission.


Anonymous said...

Sr. Anne,
When will the audio books be available and where can they be located? Also does your order have an official website?

Paul D

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

We just got the first 15-minute sample for the first title (Father Scott Hurd's "Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach"). Once we approve it, the recording process should take about 3 weeks. After that it shouldn't be too long at all before the CDs and mp3s are available, but since this is our first experience of this, we don't really have a precise timeline. It does seem to have a pretty quick turnaround, though! You can be sure that Nunblog will alert you to the first fruits of this new project!