Monday, February 16, 2015

Lent is coming: Time for prayer, fasting and (hint, hint) almsgiving

So Lent is about to begin! I assume that readers of NunBlog have already got their Lenten spiritual reading lined up (if not, start here for some Lenten ideas). In case you haven't settled on the "almsgiving" part, I have an idea...

It is a little embarrassing for me to do this (there are so many huge needs out there, so many incredibly worthy causes), but here goes: My community is attempting to start up a new aspect of our media ministry, one that can reach people who are starving not for food but for meaning. We are hoping to transform seven titles, dealing in a faith-filled and healthy way with forgiveness, depression, self-esteem, bearing the Cross... into audiobooks that will provide a means for even more people to discover and access a message of faith in times of suffering. After a lot of research, we have found a Catholic-run company that can do the job for only $500 per title.

Our mission can look like it's self-supporting. Actually, it has never worked out that way: help comes in many forms (donations "in kind" that help reduce our grocery bill; pro bono or discounted professional services; the occasional intern; our own relatives...). I suppose it is God's way of reminding us that "apart from Me, you can do nothing." So also for this new initiative for our mission.

If you know someone who is looking for a charity where their small gift can make a difference, here we are! We only need $3500 for the entire project, so it is very doable if enough people contribute even a little. Plus, we have a Mass offered every month for our benefactors (in addition to the prayers of the sisters on a regular basis).

We timed an online fundraiser to end at the feast of St Joseph, the provider of the Holy Family. Won't you join us in asking St Joseph to provide whatever resources are needed in bringing this new form of our mission to light?

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Angela Briest said...

"People of today",? Hmm I'm in there some where. Actually I'm a people of today but a product of the 70's. I'll spare you of my "rant" of the mid 70's.,,, hmm when I was 12,, i think., oh like I said I spare you of that rant for now. Well how bout i want the fudge perk,,, but i want it now,, why i gotta wait till after Lent ,, I'm not Catholic...

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

Ah, but you would wait for the fudge perk because WE are Catholic and don't want to put ourselves in the occasion of indulgence by making it in Lent!!!