Thursday, January 22, 2015

The roads to Damascus

We all have 'em. Conversion moments pop up throughout life. Grand conversions like St Paul's get all the attention, but our little turn-arounds with God can be just as important. Indeed, there is a hint in the story of St. Paul's Damascus road encounter with Christ that God had been prompting "little" conversions for quite some time. It was just that Saul kept saying "no."

Dr. Jeff Mathews knows what that is like:
In the silence, I heard the word, “Evangelize!” Startled, I looked behind me at the Stations of the Cross and the snow falling heavily behind the stained glass windows, but I felt certain the voice had come from the tabernacle. Scared, I blurted aloud, “No!”  
Read the rest here! 

Have you ever said a big, loud "no" to God, only to do a turn-around that made all the difference in your life? What were the circumstances of the eventual "yes"?

The Daughters of St Paul are posting a Triduum in honor of the Conversion of St Paul; it starts today at iFollowLight.

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