Saturday, November 29, 2014

Making progress!

Monday, in my new office. Not easy
to walk around in here!
I wasn't quite finished with my retreat when the pallets arrived from Chicago. Two of them, loaded with books and personal effects. (For the record, I saw the bill of lading and I do not have a ton of stuff!) Little by little, I unloaded the boxes and trunks, moving them to either my room or my new office (in silence, of course!). Only one problem: not enough bookshelf space. So the detachments that began in Chicago when I was packing have been renewed here in Boston now that I am unpacking.

There are already two boxes of books sitting here on the office floor to offer the community library (frequented especially by our student sisters). I'm also missing a box of books--about half my collection of the Founder's works--so a real loss (I pray the box will turn up in the Chicago basement, and soon). When those books do come to me, I may be due for another round of detachments (but not from the Founder's works). 
Tuesday, opposite the bookcases

In the meantime, with the help of Sr Julia and Sr Donna, the office furniture (a haphazard collection of whatever appropriate pieces were available in the basement) has been rearranged, and some of my framed items hung on the wall. (I'm waiting for the handyman's help on Monday to hang the remaining items, which are a bit on the awkward side and size.)
Friday (you can see one of the boxes
of library-destined books)
Friday, opposite the bookcases; note that the
desk has shifted (to face the Caravaggio
print); Sr Julia's advice.

Soon my little "shrine" will be set up with the relics and statues of saints that have somehow come into my care through the years--and to complete that area, I plan to cross-stitch a kind of "altar carpet" for the "steps" of the spice shelf riser that serves as the shrine platform. (That may be a while, since I also plan to design said carpet...) You can see the "shrine" location on top of the cabinet by the  window in the Friday bookcase picture.

Because you really want to know what is hanging on my wall.
In between all this, there were deadlines to meet: the sister who coordinates our digital ministry has been with her family, leaving me to get our newsletters updated and sent (with only the most cursory explanation, since I was going on retreat and she was going out the door: it  has been a baptism by fire!). Oh, and... Thanksgiving and the need for kitchen help... In the end, it's a mighty good thing I am not involved in this year's Christmas concerts (though they should be loads of fun--it's our 20th anniversary!).

There are miles to go--I have to learn our switchboard so I can take a turn on weekends and snow days when the operator doesn't come in; get acquainted with industrial cooking equipment (and industrial-sized meals for the large community) so I can help in kitchen; get the community schedule down pat. But I am glad to be here, and almost settled in. Thanks so much for your prayers and good wishes in that direction; I know it has made a real difference!

This evening, Pope Francis opens the Year of Consecrated Life, a year in which the Daughters of St Paul celebrate their own congregational centenary. Plus, with Evening Prayer on Saturday, we enter the season of Advent (can you believe it?). Honestly, I haven't given any thought to how to spend Advent this year. Maybe the very fact of being in such a big transition is Advent enough! May your Advent begin in peace as twilight falls.

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