Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Landings

Greetings from Boston, where the autumn leaves are still mighty lovely in this second week of November. I arrived at my new assignment Monday afternoon after a truly miserable flight (migraine all the way). The good part of arriving in the condition of a wrung-out dishrag is that it seems to really help you overcome jet lag. Although my brain seems to still be over the Atlantic somewhere, I have been able to sleep fairly well--and wake up at 5:30 without an alarm of any kind.  (I hope that keeps up once my brain gets back!) The sisters have been all smiles welcoming me to the community, and I was all smiles on Tuesday, welcoming Sister Julia as she (and a volunteer, Pauline Cooperator-candidate Pat) arrived in a rental truck from New Orleans. Sister Julia will also be stationed here, but rather than work in the publishing house, she is assigned to our bookstore in Dedham.

I've moved into a room that was readied for me, and an office that had been newly soundproofed and paimted. This week Sister Kathryn (who handles our Pauline website, online bookstore, social media and app development) gave me a rapid overview of the projects underway,

One complication that manifested itself while I was still in London was having to negotiate without a cell phone. My smartphone suffered some kind of fatal error early on the morning of Nov 2--my last day to see London! (I had to find my way to Marylebone and then to the Wallace Collection using a paper map--and had no way to take pictures of the marvels I saw in the museum.) That situation got resolved on Friday (just in time for me to go on retreat).

Yes, retreat. Sunday I begin my week of spiritual exercises, which I will be making on my own here in the motherhouse (with the help of some audio conferences by Italian theologian Father Carlo Molari). I'll just arrange my schedule to anticipate meals and stay in the quieter regions of the complex. Someone asked me what the theme of the retreat will be; I have no idea what the theme of the conferences is, but for me the theme is "new beginnings," as I am starting the retreat just one week after arriving for a new assignment. Please pray that I will be extra attentive to the Lord.

I won't be on social media (except with pre-scheduled posts), but will remember you and your intentions every day at Mass and during adoration. Please pray for me, too!


Ruth Ann Pilney said...

Welcome back to the U.S., Sister Anne. I wish you a peaceful retreat, and thank you for your prayers. I will remember you in mine.

Robyn Dolan said...

Sister Anne, good luck with getting up to speed with your new assignment. Looking forward to your return to blogging and sending prayers your way.

Robyn D