Tuesday, June 03, 2014

(Pauline) Family News

June is a kind of special month for us; at the end of the month we celebrate our own special feast of St. Paul (right after the day he shares with Peter), so for many of us the anniversary of our vows falls in June. (I actually made first vows on July 2, the Sunday closest to the June 30 feast of St Paul, but my final vows were on June 26.) We kind of take the whole month of June, which most Catholics associate with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and make it the "month of St. Paul."

So it's especially nice to have some Pauline things to share this first week of the "month of St Paul." For example, last week, our book on the Catholic faith for tween-agers, "Totally Catholic!" was recognized as the top children's book of the year at the Religious Booksellers Trade Exhibit. Pauline laywoman Marlicia Fernandez wrote an article about our Pauline devotion to Mary under the title "Queen of Apostles" in a homeschool association newsletter. And our dear brothers of the Society of St. Paul were featured on NET TV in a video that not only presents the mission very clearly, but demonstrates also the mission and vocation of the religious brother:

Don't forget to follow the Pentecost Novena put together by our sisters in the US, England and Kenya. Come, Holy Spirit!

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