Thursday, May 29, 2014

Suor Cristina gets American Nun Backup Singers! (Well, it could happen.)

The sisters in my community have been happily following the vocal adventures of Italy's Suor Cristina, the young Ursuline with the vocal talent and stage presence of a full-time music pro. In last night's semi-finals, the nun's run would have ended if it were up to the judges, but with 70% of the popular vote in, she was (if you'll pardon the expression), "saved."

For the finals, the producers at the Voice are (in my version of an alternate universe) pulling out all the stops, bringing in an American nuns' choir with extensive recording experience that includes pop styles. One of the sisters currently assigned to England is joining them as they serve as the backup singers for Suor Cristina's final, show-stopping number on The Voice.

Above:  a behind-the-scenes look at the rehearsals (for some reason, the producers had the Americans bring their own outdated and clunky head mikes instead of providing them with something more comfortable and less obtrusive, but that is clearly outside the purview of this blog).

Will the American sisters win over the recalcitrant judges? Will the people of Italy show their continued support for the singing nun? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, you can "like" the American nuns choir on Facebook to show your enthusiasm for this sisterly program!

If you missed last night's show, here is the clip:


Roberto Diviccaro said...

Good Mornig, I'm italian. Excuse me for poor english so i prefer talk in italian.
Sorelle semplicemente avete frainteso tutto.
Dylan era ben conscio di non poter vincere contro suor Cristina, il suo è stato l'onere delle armi.
J-ax, il rapper coach, riconosce la superiorità di suor Cristina e sa che gli italiani votano Cristina e non votano Dylan.
J-ax onora dylan, dandogli il 55%, perchè sia chiaro che il ragazzo è meritevole. J-ax, sa bene che gli italiani voterano in massa suor Cristina. Risultato:85% Dylan 115% Suor Cristina.
Suor Cristina NON è stata salvata, assolutamente. Suor Cristina aveva già vinto prima di salire sul palco. Si è solo RESO ONORE a Dylan.
sorry ma avete frainteso il gesto.

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

Thank you, Robert! This is very helpful, the clarification that the judges wanted to make sure that the other competitor got due credit since the popular vote was clearly guaranteed to the sister. Hopefully, also the companies have already taken notice of the young man's ability and will be giving him significant phone calls in the future.