Friday, March 07, 2014

Share a Nun Story for National Catholic Sisters Week!

I was first introduced to the idea of March as Women's History Month when I lived in Italy, where "Women's Day" (March 8) is a very big deal--on the order of Mother's Day, but not just for moms. The yellow mimosa flower is considered the "official" flower of Women's Day.

Well, find me a yellow flower: 

The first National Catholic Sisters Week will take place March 8–14, 2014 as part of Women’s History Month. The purpose is to raise awareness of the mission and ministries of Catholic sisters. Women religious have made, and continue to make, vital contributions in education, health care, criminal justice, social justice, theology, the arts, and politics. The inaugural celebration will be held at St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, MN, an institution belonging to the Sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet.
(The only thing they left out of that list was "media evangelization.")

So to mark National Catholic Sisters Week, share "your" nun story here on NunBlog!
First nun you ever met? First nun you ever really got to know as a real person? Something a nun did that remained with you ever since? Tell us--and then tell someone at the water cooler*! Best stories will be condensed to 140 characters and shared via Twitter.

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for National Catholic Sisters Week.

*And don't forget to pray for vocations to the religious life!


Anonymous said...

First Nun/Sister/ Mother Superior afterwards I met first, was Mother Rosalita.Then, at school there were many Sisters and they all were excellent ones. Many years a
fter I finished school,I met a nun from another Congregation and I admired her cause having a terrible stomachache she continued working for the love of God, she was an example. Finally she died, she had cáncer.

t98carey said...

Just the other night my husband and I were driving home and the sky was so beautiful at sunset. The colors were simply breathtaking. So then I told my husband of the nun in high school religion class at Archbishop Carroll in Radnor, Pa., who taught us about "sacramental moments" - moments when we experience God’s presence. Every time I experience a "sacramental moment", I think of her. Thank you, Sister, and God bless you!

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

Wow, thanks for passing that great message on!