Monday, February 03, 2014

Afternoon meditation: We are Legion

Over the weekend I started to divest myself of the books that had been on the shelf for years without my referencing them once (you know, those "I ought to read this some day" titles) or that would die of neglect in the community library or that the community library already has. Those are now for sale on Amazon, with the proceeds going to the community's "mission fund" (and, we hope, an eventual updating of our book center and conference room). 

I'm also swamped with deadlines and commitments and plans. Even though my move to England is still months away, I am finding myself overwhelmed already by all the things I have to do before I take off on Easter Tuesday. Maybe that's why today's Gospel seemed so relevant. I think it is a very fitting picture of the things that can keep us from God:

  • The roster of worries, the overwrought anxieties: "We are Legion."
  • The "things to do" that get in the way of living in the moment, the distractions available through social media: "We are Legion."
  • The false priorities, the unrealistic expectations and demands we impose on ourselves and others: "We are Legion."

Into all this chaos walks Jesus. In his presence, the distracting "many" become unified;  the "tranquility of order" is restored; everything that exists begins to be seen in the light of God's providence, the way David recognized God's will behind the insults and stones of Shimei. Blessed James Alberione put it this way: "In the theology of those who have faith, chance is non-existence. There is only God…" When we see "Legion" we are only looking at the surface.

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