Thursday, February 06, 2014

Afternoon meditation: Put on your walking shoes

There is so much in today's Gospel of Jesus sending the 12 out on mission. He tells them to pack light--really light. He has given them authority; that's all they really need. If they are not listened to, he tells them not to insist, not to harangue, but to move on. There is a non-possessiveness even about them message that is impressive.

We were talking about this Gospel today in community, and two of the sisters kept referring back to an incident which happened in our bookstore Monday afternoon when a man came in to buy a crucifix for the friend he was with. Turns out that any time something hurtful comes his way, he tries to undo it with an act of kindness for someone else. (The sisters were really impressed with his gentle goodness.)

After he made his purchase, Sister Yvonne invited him to come any time to visit the chapel, and she showed him where it was. He entered, and Sister went back to her tasks. Some minutes later, the man came to the front counter, his hand held over his heart, fingers spread wide like he was trying to keep his heart from jumping through his coat. Blinking back tears, he told the sister at the front desk, "There's something in there." He swallowed hard, patted his hand to his chest again and repeated, "There's something in there." 

Sister Yvonne commented that real evangelization happens when we are empty enough to let God act; it isn't something we do; we are just present--even when (Sister Edward Marie jumped in here) the words are coming out of your own mouth! You know those aren't your words; you have to listen to what you are saying so that you yourself can take it in and let it transform you!

This is pretty much what St. Paul said, too: not I, but the grace of God in me.

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