Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Afternoon meditation: Inshallah

Thanks to St. James and today's first reading, I've gotten into the habit of adding "God willing" when responding to invitations or making plans. (I still need to add it to my prayers when facing something I dread, to remind me that God is over all!)

The Gospel shows us Jesus' way of applying this act of confidence in God: when John catches some upstarts using the name of Jesus to work a miracle, Jesus sees it as something that glorifies his name (and, of course, that of his Father). Such a miracle could not have been accomplished had not God willed it. John, needless to say, saw it as an intrusive, competitive act--because John was "seeing as human beings do and not as God sees."

What can I do today to receive God's way of seeing things, even the things I don't want to see?


Diana said...

Signing your letters D.V. for deo volente is a lovely tradition to revive :)

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

That it is! And it is a new one on me!