Thursday, January 02, 2014

Joy of the Gospel!

What the bulk discounts look like:
5 – 10 copies 10%
11 – 25  copies 15%
26 – 50  copies 20%
51 – 100 copies 25%
over 100 copies 30%
The Joy of the Gospel! It's in your heart, but is it on your bookshelf?

Be sure to let your parish ministry team know that the handy paperback edition  of Pope Francis' document is ready to ship--and that there are bulk discounts available (at $9.95, it's already the least expensive version out there, and the bulk rates start at only five copies!).

Here in Chicago, I'm committing myself to not just study the document, but to guide a Lenten adult faith program on it. (That way I have to study it--but will also equip myself to offer presentations on Francis' prescriptions for spiritual health.)

Meanwhile, some of the mega-wealthy are taking umbrage at what the Pope had to say in the document about the idolatry of money. Some are even hinting that if that's how the Pope feels, maybe they won't be so generous in donating to Catholic causes...thus pretty much proving the Pope's point. (This is going to be an interesting discussion in our Lenten program!)

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