Monday, December 02, 2013

Singing our Hearts Out

As you may recall, I am in New York (technically, the borough of Staten Island) for the beginning of the Daughters of St. Paul Christmas Concert "season," having arrived here while everyone else was chasing down bargains for Black Friday.

Since our sisters moved from the large convent they were renting since the year we sold the massive place where I was stationed in the late (late!) 70's and early 80's, the choir members are scattered about wherever we could find hospitality. Four of us are guests of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist, a teaching community with a girls' school (K-12, it seems) with a view of the Verrazzano to the North and the New York Bay to the East. (The views from their little chapel are spectacular!) We all meet at our own little convent (an adapted two-family home with its own spectacular views--of Manhattan) in the morning to begin the day's work.

Naturally, we have time for Mass and prayer--and twice went to the local parish, St. Peter's, for Mass. The parish church is something on the order of a cathedral, in terms of size and sheer majesty. I went around before and after Sunday Mass taking pictures on my phone so I would have something to share with you (and to illustrate future blog posts!) but something went very, very wrong and not one of the photos is even in the phone memory. (I guess I'll have to find our way back to St. Peter's for Mass at least once more this week!)

Now that we are finishing up our third full day of practice, things are starting to gel. Sr Julia and I are doing a duet that has a few tricky spots for me; I nailed them twice today--and hope that's the beginning of a wonderful new trend, since our first concert is scheduled for tomorrow! (If you are anywhere near Ramsey, NJ, come to St Paul's parish!)

(The view from our convent on SI!)

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