Monday, December 23, 2013

Chicago Atheists inspire this Christmas A-List

Nothing says "Happy Winter Solstice, Everybody!" like an uppercase A in red lights set up in the public square, right? Well, that's the best the Chicago chapter of the "Freedom from Religion" Foundation could come up with. The A, fittingly enough, is the Greek prefix for negation, a big red "no." In placing their Dawkins-designed holiday symbol (note to Dawkins: keep your day job) in Daley Plaza, though, the group created an interesting framework through which to see the Christmas star--and inspired me to catalog a series of Christmas affirmations. Call it the ...

Christmas A-list
Meanwhile in Daley Plaza, carolers
singing "O Come All Ye Faithful"
A is for (let's start with the Solstice theme) Astronomy, and even Astrology, through which "the heavens proclaimed the glory of God" (Ps. 19) for those with ears to hear and eyes to see
A is for Adam (and Eve, since they were two in one flesh), who sees in the Second Adam his Son and Lord
A is for the Archangel sent to Mary with a divine invitation
A is for Angels, who brought message to the shepherds
A is for Advent, when we prepare our hearts to be receptive
A is for Amendment, the daily conversion that makes us new and better persons by God's grace
Families flock to the manger while
the A stands alone.
A is for Awake, which we pray our hearts to be at all times
A is for Awe that fills us when we surrender to what is beyond our imagining
A is for Amazement that there is more to life than our senses can perceive
A is for Adoration, the only rational response to the revelation of divinity
A is for Anticipation of the fulfillment of the Christmas mystery at the end of time
A is for Alleluia, the song of the redeemed!
Visited only by the pigeons,
is the A a self-defeating symbol?

What would you like to add to the Christmas A-list this year?

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