Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Patron Saint of Immigration Reform?

It's Mother Cabrini's feast day; here in Chicago, that's a big deal. In fact, the first American citizen saint
died about 5 miles north of where I am typing right now. And on her feast day, the bishops of the United States are calling Catholics to come together in support of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." There's even a toll-free number to call (855-589-5698)  that can route your call right to your Congressional Representative's office so you can urge him or her to support immigration reform.

Why do we need immigration reform--and a reform that is not vindictive (as the current laws appear to be)?  For one reason, here in Chicago, we would have more young priests to serve the Church--but the candidates could not be accepted into our seminaries. They came to this country as children, grew up here, but they don't have any legal status, and there's no possibility of changing that without immigration reform.

For a more nuanced presentation on immigration concerns, one that is not bound up with partisan politics, please see the US Bishops position.

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Van Bensett said...

Amen! Immigration Reform Now! And for those that have not visited Mother Cabrini's Shrine she reminds me that great things can come in small packages. And how many great things that immigrants can contribute to our society are now blocked by not doing immigration reform?