Monday, November 18, 2013

A Prescription from the Pope

You gotta love Pope Francis!

The thousands who went to St. Peter's Square yesterday to pray the Angelus with Pope Francis came away with more than a blessing. The Pope recommended "spiritual medicine" for the heart, and made sure that there were volunteers on hand to give everyone a starter prescription for "Misericordina"--I suppose you could translate that "mercy pills."

Packaged in a small box, the way Italian prescription medicines are, were a rosary (the same special kind you get when you meet the Pope in person), an image of Jesus' Divine Mercy and the "important information" flyer that always comes with medication. (It included how to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet--one of the ways the rosary beads would come in handy.) According to Pope Francis, MD, this "spiritual medicine" would help everyone "to spread love, forgiveness and brotherhood."

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if these rosaries could be given out at the parish level to all Catholics, as many of us will never make it to Rome. A very innovative marketing approach on the part of our Holy Father, an easy pill to swallow, never bitter, never known to fail. - Jean