Friday, October 18, 2013


Today our Pauline Webathon Novena is "hosted" by Sister Maria Ruth, the voice of our Spanish radio ministry "Radio Paulinas." Sister Ruth's programs (daily spots, inspirational "drops of optimism," and a Sunday program on the Gospel) are aired worldwide--there is even a station in Sweden putting Sister Ruth on the air for the benefit of Latin American immigrants. Here in the United States, where Spanish airtime is getting more and more expensive as corporations wake up to the power of the Hispanic market, Sister Ruth's programs are broadcast on several Catholic networks, including Radio Maria.

Even though Sister Ruth message reaches millions of people around the world every week, this is not a self-supporting ministry. Immigrant workers in Scandinavia, elderly shut-ins in Miami, dishwashers in New Jersey and men in county jails aren't able to contribute the approximately $20,000 per year it takes to reach those who are poor in heavenly wisdom. Spanish Radio is one more work our community has been trying to sustain, diverting tight-stretched resources that would otherwise be going toward much-needed repairs and equipment. Time and again, our superiors have had to ask if the time had come to simply give up: after twenty years of unremunerated service, can't we say we've done all we could? And it seems that every time a decision like that seems inevitable, a letter comes from one more struggling soul, testifying to the good that "Jesus in My Daily Life" has accomplished in one more corner of the world.

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Here's a video I did with Sister Maria Ruth some years back:

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