Tuesday, October 15, 2013

About our Webathon

Today (Feast of St Teresa of Avila--widely published author and doctor of the Church!), my community opened a nine-day "webathon." Kind of like the telethons you see on PBS, but marginally less entertaining (unless you really like listening to nuns!). This is our first-ever novena of prayer, mission and fundraising, so it is a little awkward right now.

We have traditionally made every effort to follow St Paul in supporting ourselves and our works  with our very own hands, asking special help only for particular projects (like the Theology of the Body classes* and the vocation video--both still in development). Meanwhile, though, instead of being supported by our work, we were using up the community's resources to sustain everything: not exactly a long-term possibility. So the sisters at the motherhouse (where I am for another week) decided to get creative. The goal is the most ambitious we have ever attempted, but we have sisters here still trying to work on twenty-year-old computers under crumbling ceilings. If we reach the goal, equipment can be updated, walls and ceilings repaired, and (best still) new projects taken on that will offer the Gospel clothed in image, ink and bits. (The mismatched furnishings will remain, but might receive a coat of paint.)

Every day of the webathon novena will be "hosted" by a sister representing a different aspect of our publishing ministry. (Today's hostess is Sr Donna, recently appointed "Editorial Manager" of the whole shebang.) Prayers and "mission moments" will be posted throughout the day, and (this is a fundraiser!) there is the  opportunity for a donation. (Feel free to share the prayer links with your friends from the Country Club!)

Start with today's prayer to begin the workday!

*The DVD series is being edited in the video department here in Boston.

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