Monday, October 28, 2013

A Pauline Predicament over the World Series

So who am I to root for this year? I spent three years in formation in Boston, but I also spent three years as a junior sister in St. Louis. Then again, I spent eleven years in Boston as a perpetually professed sister--and it is the home of our mother house. Plus, you know, "Nuns Day" at Fenway Park...

Sr Marlyn takes a selfie at Fenway Park.
You tell me:
Should I cheer along with Boston-bred Sister Marlyn Evangelina or with the sisters a mere five-hour drive down I-55 in St. Louis?


Bego said...

Duh, you go with Boston.

And I am now officially Sister Marlyn's biggest fan.

Shelly said...

Yes. :)

stormy said...

Respectfully,Sr.Anne, Boston is your clear choice. Home of the Mother House, home of multitudes of Irish (surely a good number named Flannagan,no doubt) Catholics; home of The Red Sox who have a special day at Fenway for those best fans in all sport,Baseball-lovin' nuns!
For goodness sake if all this doesn't sway you,surely Boston,the home of Sr. Helen,the Hockey-Nun Burns must!!
Go Sox!!
ps. if it weren' t the Sox, i'd be for the Cards,who are the best run MLB club,period!