Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No wonder things are going so well. Plus: our new International Leadership

Our newly elected general government, as of yesterday around 6 pm: 

Sister M Lucia Kim (Korea); Sr Shalimar Rubia (Philippines); Sr Samuela Gironi (re-elected; native of Italy, missionary in Africa); Sr Karen Marie Anderson (USA, until yesterday our vice-provincial); Sr Anna Maria Parenzan (Superior General, former Vicar-General); Sr Anna Caiazza (re-elected; native of Italy); Sr Clarice Wisniewski (Brazil). 

Sr Anna Maria told me that it was the first time in our congregation's history that all six council members have been elected in one day. What makes that even more amazing is that this is also the most "diverse" Chapter assembly ever, and the first time we have native-born delegates from Pakistan, Madagascar, Congo and Kenya. A real sign of the Spirit!

Speaking of the Spirit, besides your prayers, we have the powerhouse backing of a whole list of cloistered communities who promised their prayers--in addition to the Poor Clares in Palos Hills, IL (whose assistance I requested months ago). Our Mother General-Emerita, Sister Antonieta, had written to the cloistered communities of pretty much all of Italy with a  prayer request. We have two binders filled with the responses from prioresses and Mothers Superior and abbesses. Some of the letters (like this sample from the Augustinian Monastery of Jesus and Mary in Bologna) could have been written by Blessed James Alberione himself: 

Through your work in the footsteps of St. Paul, and through the media of communications, may you spread the Word of God and reach to the ends of the earth. Announce-Sow-Spread [the Word]: Do not be afraid! The Lord makes use of little deeds to accomplish his miracles: HAVE FAITH!For our part, we will be spiritually present at your Chapter starting now, to call down the Light of the Holy Spirit so that every choice, every decision may be according to the will of God and for his greater glory.
And from the Passionists in Asti (yes, that Asti, though a bit in the countryside!):
May the experience of the Chapter prove to be an extraordinary event of GRACE in the context of the Year of FAITH. We know how precious is your MISSION for the spread of the GOSPEL, and so we call upon the Spirit of the Lord, that he may point out the persons who are the most suitable [for the general government]: persons noted for their interiority and the missionary spirit.
Finally, here's another letter (this time from the Poor Clares in Alcamo) that could serve as the basis for an entire retreat:
May the Spirit 'animate' the chapter sisters so that they can find new and fitting ways to offer everyone the gift of the Gospel. May they also have an experience of God so that anyone who meets a Daughter of St. Paul will not walk away without having met Him and experienced Him, too.

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Margie said...

Heartfelt congratulations to Sister Anna Maria Parenzan, Superior General and the members of the new International Leadership of the Daughters of St. Paul. May God pour out an abundant measure of blessings upon them for the spread of the the Gospel for God's glory and peace to humanity. Amen.

Many thanks to Sr. Antonieta for her great leadership and hereby wishing her all the best in the future.

Thanks also to all those who participated in and prayed for guidance & selection of leader at the General Chapter.

May God grant the Daughters of St. Paul every success in your future endeavours in the His service around the world. Safe travels!

Margie Skeels
Pauline Cooperator-NYC