Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pope Francis: The Surprising Truth about Faith and Science

Since it's "TOB Tuesday" and we have been sampling Pope Francis' new encyclical, here is a related thought from the document. With the rise of "evangelical atheism" (as it has been called), we have seen a stronger critique of faith from the point of view of science--or at least in the name of science. Well, from Pope Francis, himself a scientist (Master's in chemistry), we have some words also on faith and science (#34). Far from limiting the scientist, Francis says, faith enhances the scientific enterprise!

Faith "illumines the material world, trusts its inherent order and knows that it calls us to an ever widening path of harmony and understanding. The gaze of science thus benefits from faith: faith encourages the scientist to remain constantly open to reality in all its inexhaustible richness. Faith awakens the critical sense by preventing research from being satisfied with its own formulae and helps it to realize that nature is always greater. By stimulating wonder before the profound mystery of creation, faith broadens the horizons of reason to shed greater light on the world which discloses itself to scientific investigation."

On a personal note, I am heading down to New Orleans today. It will be my first family visit since Mom died in April. Although I still have a vast network of family and friends, it is quite intimidating for me to enter in to the full experience of Mom's absence according to the flesh. Prayers, please.

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Prayers assured. Been there, done that years ago. - Jean