Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TOB Tuesday: Comedy Central Meets TOB

Last week's Washington Post featured an interview piece about comedian Jim Gaffigan. In time for Father's Day, the Catholic comic (father of five and author of Dad Is Fat) offers this beautiful "TOB-from-a-Dad's-perspective" on family life (every reporter finds a way to ask him about those five kids):
Well, why not? I guess the reasons against having more children always seemed uninspiring and superficial. What exactly am I missing out on? Money? A few more hours of sleep? A more peaceful meal? More hair? These are nothing compared to what I get from these five monsters who rule my life … each one of them has been a pump of light into my shriveled black heart.
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Anonymous said...

Approaching my 60th year, looking back on my life, the only regret I have is that I did not have more children. There was strong societal and family pressure to have only two, the "ideal", boy and girl, but as the years unfolded, the reasons given and accepted for limiting our family turned out to be entirely without merit. - Jean

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

Thanks, Jean.
Did you see the comments on the Washington Post site? Many of the old arguments about population explosions, hungry humans exhausting the planet... (People still don't seem to realize that all that is based on mid-18th century science combined with guessing.)
Meanwhile, we have a "birth dearth" that threatens Western Civilization! Crazy times...