Monday, May 13, 2013

The missing posts, and missing the point

Just realized that all the posts I had scheduled for last week were not actually scheduled at all. So this week I am picking up again the "Posts from the Past" thread on the Our Father. (I have a sneaking suspicion that they may not even appear in the right order, but such is life.)

Speaking of life, it was deja vu all over again around me this week. My superior got a phone call from home: her sister (age 55) had died. Then on the evening of Mother's Day another Daughter of St. Paul from Louisiana gathered with her brothers and sisters as their own mom was invited to follow the Ascended Lord. And today I got a sympathy card from yet another sister whose mom died within the past year. All reminders to take Easter seriously--something I steadfastly (and rather expressly) refused to do during the first two weeks of the season, when I was more interested in hopes for this life than the next in Mom's regard, even though the Liturgy itself, day by day (especially in the Gospels at Mass) was sounding a clear and consistent message about where true life can be found. (I'm glad I'm starting to come around while it is still the Easter Season!)

Have you found yourself turning away from a message in the Scriptures that is so to the point, so timely, and so unavoidably clear that there is no mistaking it is directed to you? How did you "come around"?

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Leslie Klinger said...

I try so hard to do the right thing and then get frustrated when people get angry at me or accuse me of doing something I did not do. Father Serpa points me at The Crucifix and I get it, intellectually, that I am being asked to follow Our Lord. Emotionally? I just want everyone in my family to love me again. That is my biggest weakness and my strongest attachment. I swear, that's what will keep me in Purgatory for a LOOOOOONG time.