Saturday, April 06, 2013

Can you take my place a minute?

Mom's healthcare crisis is preventing me from promoting the Theology of the Body class we will be hosting online starting May 4. I'd be so grateful if you could invite people you know to join us. Here is a flyer you can print out (or share the link to). It is especially good to share with deacons and "ministry people" in general.

With so much confusion in the area of marriage--people who are not just puzzled by Church teachings, but alienated from the Church or scandalized by what seems to be a rigid insistence on old rules, it is vital that practicing Catholics have a clear understanding of where the Church's teachings come from--and of how much beauty they uphold. That is why Pope John Paul spent almost five years offering these lessons.

If you haven't read any of his "TOB" talks, or have only heard references to Theology of the Body, why not join us? (Registration is now open for all 6 sessions.) You can go at your own pace: once a session has been recorded, you can log in later to watch it. Why not sign up for the first one (being recorded May 4) and get a taste?

If you can, I'd be very grateful if you shared the following on Twitter and Facebook:

Register now! Catholic Updating Series on the Bible and the mystery of marriage. Internet webcast starts May 4  Pls RT

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