Saturday, March 02, 2013


I'm on my way to Ohio today; if you are in the Columbus diocese (specifically, in the area of Jackson or Zaleski), this is a week of Lenten mission, so come on down. Or over. Whichever direction works.

The mission for both parishes begins tomorrow evening in Jackson (Holy Trinity Church); the next two mission events will be held in each parish: Jackson on Monday and Tuesday, Zaleski (St. Sylvester's) on Wednesday and Thursday. The weekday missions will be conducted during Eucharistic Adoration. I'm also bringing a box of books and some order forms for those who want to see what's new in Catholic reading.

The overall theme is "The Spirit of Lent"; we'll also look at Catholics and the Bible, and look at Mary and Paul to see what it means to be a "servant of the Lord."

If you are nowhere near Columbus, much less Jackson or Zaleski, I sure would appreciate your prayers for the people of those parishes and for all who are in their "radius of influence," that the mission will bear great fruit not just for those who participate, but for the wider Church--for the whole Church!

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Anonymous said...

Is Angels on Wings appropriate or will you be going by train or driving?