Monday, March 11, 2013

Answering "the" question of our times

So many of our friends, neighbors and relatives, especially the young adults, are unsettled by what the Church teaches in the ares and marriage and the human body; this confusion leads them away from the life of the sacraments and into a life and mindset that is more and more "conformed to this world." 

What if there were a way to change the direction of this movement away from Jesus and his Church, and help young adults to learn and appreciate the amazing and life-giving teachings that they can only find in the Catholic Church?

One of the great gifts Blessed John Paul II left the Church was his "theology of the body," a biblical view of human nature and relationships that is more needed than ever in our own very confused age. 

Now I am excited to share with you a project that I have been working on. Hopefully you will be able to join us, too--or at least let others know about it, starting with this trailer (prepared for us by a college student volunteer: Thanks, Istle!) Please share it far and wide!

For registration links (and lots more details) see our bookstore blog.

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