Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Romeward bound

I returned to Chicago on Monday with an alteration to my summer plans. Instead of heading to Boston to sing in our next album, I will be going to Rome in August with our provincial superior and the two other sisters who were elected as delegates to our General Chapter. We will represent the Daughters of St. Paul of the US and English-speaking Canada. (Our sisters in Quebec have their own representation.)

St Paul awaits!
The General Chapter is along the lines of the Provincial Chapter we just concluded, only much (much) longer, and with worldwide participation. The first order of business is usually a retreat; the second: electing a new Mother General. During the time of a General Chapter, it is the highest governing body in our religious congregation. I've never participated in one as a delegate, though the last two have had an Internet presence of sorts that I contributed to (and downloaded from).

think that the meetings themselves will take place just outside the city of Rome,  in the Alban hills near the Pope's summer residence on the rim of the ancient volcanic crater lake, Lake Albano. I made a retreat there once; you can see Castel Gandolfo (across the lake) from the yard.

Right now, with the month-long meeting a safe distance away, I am kind of excited about seeing one of my favorite cities in the world, especially during the Year of Faith and in the final "countdown" year to our Pauline centenary. Best of all, we hope to have the rough cut of the Alberione documentary and I can't imagine we wouldn't take the occasion to share it with our sisters from around the world.

If you have room in your devotions for an extra daily prayer to the Holy Spirit, now would be a good time to add it! Thanks.


Ruth Ann Pilney said...

I stayed in the Alban Hill area on the U. of Dallas campus in '06. From campus we had a view of the Vatican Observatory, which, at the time, was located on the ground of Castel Gandolfo. That Lake is so beautiful! For a long time I used it as my desktop image. Your plans sound very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Your love affair with Rome is not unrequited. It keeps calling you back to its ancient hills. Just do not leave your heart there, nor your purse unguarded from 'one' legged gypsies who are hiding their other leg under their skirts and their pseudo baby hidden in their shawls where your money disappears. Eat plenty of Gelato and have your guardian angel assist you in crossing the streets and sidewalks where cyclists come out of nowhere. Bon voyage.

grace said...

Congratulations! We will keep you in our prayers:) I hope that one day, I will visit Rome too.