Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Documentary progress

Sister Helena, in between all her talks and book exhibits, has been meeting with Rob and the Spirit Juice team to get the Alberione film into its final shape. That has meant a lot of painful cuts to the narration (but I think my part is still in). 
Me, getting some makeup before my interview.
On location  in Italy (Seminary of Alba, where
Alberione was both student and professor).

On location in Italy (October, 2010).
Our hope is to have a kind of first draft (called a "rough cut") by the Conversion of St. Paul (Jan 25). We didn't plan it that way, but it is delightful to think that the film about a man of faith will be completed in the Year of Faith, and well in advance of the 1914 centenary of the founding of the Pauline Family!

In case you were wondering how you can make a real difference in bringing the documentary film "Media Apostle"into existence, an anonymous donor has just made an offer you... (you know the rest).

If between now until November 26 (the Feast of Blessed James Alberione, the subject of the film) we receive $10,000, an anonymous donor will match that, dollar for dollar. That means that by Alberione's feast day, the film will have received all the support it needs for that "rough cut."

So watch the trailer again, share it on your blog and Facebook wall, and encourage your friends to help "Media Apostle" reach the silver screen on time!

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