Friday, October 26, 2012

Community Update

Our Sister Marie James (from the Culver City, CA community) just got back from Rome, where she attended the canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha (and those others). This was especially meaningful for Sister Marie James because she belongs to the Penobscot people (that's their emblem she is holding).

And because she brought our new book on St Kateri as a gift for the Holy Father, she was able to be in the offertory procession at the Mass of Thanksgiving in St. Peter's the day after the canonization!  Sister said that there were roughly 1,000 Native Americans at the celebration, which she attended with her parents.

The new book she is holding is part of our "Encounter the Saints" series for ages 8-12. (We have a poster of the book cover in our front window right now, and it really grabs people's attention: quite a feat on Michigan Avenue!)


Anonymous said...

How can I get those new books for the younger generation NOW?

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

For immediate satisfaction, go to your nearest Pauline Books & Media center! For satisfaction at the speed of UPS/USPS delivery, click on picture of the book cover.