Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The challenge of trust

Almost 100 years ago, Blessed James had to confront something similar to the situation of the apostles in today's Gospel. He realized that he and his young followers were being sent on mission with the Word of God. They were commissioned. They felt themselves to be modern apostles. The problem was they really didn't have what it takes, at least not in material terms, and--given that the average age of the members was about 15, not in education or life experience, either.

Never mind, said Alberione. If God was sending them out, it was going to be up to God to provide the where-with-all: not only material things like food, shelter, printing presses and paper, but spiritual supplies like knowledge, good will, and above all, holiness. Their part would be to "seek first the "Kingdom of God," and all the rest "will be given in addition." Later, Alberione formulated this convictgion into a prayer he called the "Secret of Success" (like him, we also call it "The Pact," since it amounts to a covenant).

Today's readings invited me to take that "Pact" up again: in the spirit of the first reading from Proverbs, to be content "with only the bread I need" and in obedience to the Gospel's directives, not to attempt to provide for myself [how could I provide that "one thing necessary"?], but to "go and proclaim the Kingdom."

Here's the Liturgy haiku I wrote on the same theme:
Lord, grant me the faith
to be content when I have
enough for today.


Sandy Vickoren said...

I love the Pauline bookstore here in San Diego. Unfortunately, being unemployed, they are very expensive, and the books they carry are not to be found in the public libraries. Still, a trip to Pauline's is inspiring more times than not. Hopefully when the good Lord sees fit to see me gainfully employed, I will be better able to support the Paulines!

Sandy in San Diego

Sr Anne Flanagan said...

May St Joseph help you find the work you need!