Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Storm Scenes

A few views from Mom's neighborhood and the post-hurricane cleanup that's underway.
An enormous tree (one of many that split in half and fell away from the owner's roof) near my sister's house.

This gas station near my sister's was obliterated by the storm winds.

The blue roofs are back after Isaac stripped off shingles (as well as siding, gutters and a few pieces of Mom's attic turbine).

Below: The local community of Daughters of St. Paul took refuge at Mom's house over the weekend, since they were without power the whole time. As soon as they got inside the air-conditioned kitchen, they had an ice-cream party! Meanwhile, Mom and I were returning from Texas and the Catholic New Media Conference I had attended. We just had two days of convent life at Mom's before the sisters got their own power back. (Unfortunately, all their perishables had perished.)

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TracyE said...

Hurricanes never cease to amaze me, the destructive power is humbling. Glad you are all safe and the sisters were able to enjoy some ice cream, a nice break, I'm certain!!