Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jubilee Day

In June, I wrote about "vow season." Well, for us Paulines the weekends near August 20 are "Jubilee season." (August 20, the Feast of St Bernard, is the anniversary of the founding of the Pauline Family.)
This year we had ten jubilarians: 2 Diamond Jubilarians at 60 years of vowed life, 3 Silver Jubilarians at 50, and 5 Silver Jubilarians, one of whom also happens to be my local superior. It was actually because of Sr. Lusia's jubilee that I have stayed on in Boston so many days after our "encounter" ended. That and because Sr Noel (another Silver girl) had requested that I sing the "Ave Maria" after Communion at the Jubilee Mass.
Since our Jubilarians represent so many parts of the world, I attempted to create a map indicating where they were from and where they are now stationed. It is a difficult task without access to my usual programs! So far, after much travail, I have nothing to show you. I can see it on my screen, but can't figure out how to turn it into an image I can post. So... envision a world map. Put two red arrows over Italy. One on the part of South America that is sticking out of the upper right side (Brazil). Over in Asia, put one on the patch of islands north of western Australia, on about the same latitude as India (the Philippines), and one in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but south of Hawaii (Samoa). Over the U.S. point an arrow at St. Louis, one just north in Wisconsin farmland, one due east in Ohio, and then move to New England: one arrow goes directly on Boston, and the other north to Vermont. From the four corners of the earth: that's our Jubilee group!
It's easier to create a map of where they are missioned now. Instead of red arrows, let's use green. Point them to Boston (three), Philadelphia, Chicago (!!!!), two over St. Louis. Then move beyond the 48 states. One arrow goes as far west as you can imagine, all the way to Honolulu! One arrow goes toward our northern neighbors, to Toronto. And yet another goes across the Atlantic and lands in Germany.
In other words, this year, we've covered the globe.
Alberione would be so proud.

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