Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Change of plans!

Our community encounter ended yesterday, but we spent most of today cleaning the retreat house in anticipation of the next big gathering--not of our Sisters, but of the relatives and friends of our Jubilarians, who are beginning to arrive for Saturday's big celebration. I'm staying on in Boston because the superior of our Chicago community is among the Jubilarians (silver), so I will represent the Sisters and friends of the Windy City.

That turned out to be providential.

Our Junior sisters (those in temporary vows) are having their encounter now, and one of the principal presenters had to cancel today. I'll be filling in for four of the hours she was to have spoken on St. Paul. Which means...I have to hope I stored some of my talks and notes on St Paul somewhere on line and get to work putting them into shape for a very different audience!

No doubt there will also be a choir practice or two before the Jubilee, as well. I'd better start doing those vocal exercises!

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