Monday, July 02, 2012

Vows Season

For the Daughters of St. Paul, the days surrounding the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul and our own congregational feast of St. Paul (by himself) is "vows season." In fact, today is the 34th anniversary of my own first vows. (I have a photo of that momentous event somewhere around here, but can't find it. Why didn't I name the jpg "vows"?)

Friday was our Sr. Yvonne's Silver Jubilee (which will be celebrated officially in Boston in August, and informally by us in September when the whole community is back together after retreats). On Saturday (our Feast of St. Paul), Sr An Mei made her perpetual vows, surrounded by family and friends. Next week in East Boston, Sr Marlyn will do the same (with a few more sisters than were able to gather in Hawaii for Sr. An Mei!).

And then there are those who are hoping to some day make their vows. Among these are young women who would love to make the first step in that direction, but have student loans in the way. (No, you can't even enter the convent with a debt.) This is a pretty common problem now, and the approaches to solving it can be pretty creative.

We're also actively involved in helping young women discern a call to vowed life. Sr. Helena would be most grateful if you would share this poster far and wide, on your Facebook pages, parish bulletin boards and bulletins (real and virtual) and in person to young women you think might have a religious vocation:

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