Monday, July 23, 2012

Props to St Joseph

About two weeks ago, Sr Helena mentioned that there was going to be a payment due on the Alberione documentary film project, and that we were still $3,000 short of being able to actually make good on our commitment. But, she said, she was entrusting the matter to St Joseph and she was sure he was going to take care of it. My response was on the lines of "Woman, great is your faith."

A few days later, a Pauline cooperator called. He was feeling drawn toward helping with the film project. What did we need? And so one cooperator began to put the call out. Then some friends on Facebook got involved. Especially Ashley Collins here in Chicago.  He started creating those quirky messages that people love to share. He meant to do only one.

Well, I don't know if it was Flannery or the beer guy, but by this morning we had the where-with-all to make our payment on time (with a little left to start working toward the next installment!).
So, props to St. Joseph for truly coming through, and kudos to Sr Helena, whose faith just may teach me something.

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