Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TOB Tuesday

The Theology of the Body, with its complete vision of the human person, has got to be the most urgent message of all for the people of our time. So why are some of those who are committed to promoting TOB spending so much time critiquing other presenters? What a terrible waste of time! It's like the uber-fundamentalists sending missionaries into Catholic countries to people who already revere the Bible as the Word of God, while vast populations in other (non-Christian) are still waiting to hear the name of Jesus. (Well, Paul had the same problem of being followed around by "super-apostles" who were convinced that he was undermining the faith.)

Over the weekend, Sr Helena posted a point-by-point response to some of the (same old) criticisms of TOB popularizer Christopher West, even after West himself wrote an entire book in answer to those same (old) observations.

One thing that both West and Sr Helena point out is that some of the harshest criticisms aimed at West actually take issue with the parts of West's books that come directly from Pope John Paul. This makes me want to pray even harder for the TOB message to be fully accepted!

Here are two posts by Tim Muldoon at Patheos highlighting the timeliness of the Theology of the Body, and the urgency of spending more energy getting it out than making sure other TOB evangelizers get it exactly the way we do:

The McDonaldization of Sex 1 

The McDonaldization of Sex 2

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Sister Flanagan, I will be praying right along with you. God bless.