Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Rated "R" for Recommended

Next week I will be going to a preview of "For Greater Glory" (formerly titled "Cristiada"), a film that is being actively marketed to Catholic audiences--with an R rating! Sister Rose, our girl in Hollywood, explains:

"A pastoral associate just asked me if it was proper to post the poster for the film FOR GREATER LOVE opening on June 1. The film is rated R for 'war violence and some disturbing images'. Ratings are information about content to guide parents. Here the 'R' rating is appropriate because the violence, though in context and not exaggerated, is intense. 
"This is the story of a war, the Cristero war, that took place in Mexico between 1926-1929 over religious freedom and persecution of religion, especially the Catholic Church. It is very well acted and sheds light on not only Mexican history but the US part in the story as well. Highlights the lives of two 'Blesseds': Jose Luis Sanchez and Anacleto Gonzalez Flores."
A Vatican  news item explains more: "The film, one of the biggest and most expensive in the history of Mexican cinema, tracks the 1926-29 Cristeros War, when in an attempt to stop the governments’ goal of secularising the nation and stamping out the Catholic faith, ordinary people took up arms in a spontaneous uprising. The revolt was sparked by anti-clerical legislation passed by the Mexican President Plutarco ElĂ­as Calles. Under these laws church property was seized, all foreign priests expelled, and the monasteries, convents and religious schools closed. The persecution became so fierce that in 1926 Calles ordered the original statue of Christ the King destroyed."  (During his March visit to Mexico, Pope Benedict celebrated Mass in the statue of the new statue in precisely the same location.)
Producer Pablo Jose Barroso commented about the timeliness of the release: "The movie is very important because it is about ordinary people fighting for religious freedom, which is also a difficult issue in these times, not only in the middle east where Christians are killed for their faith but also for example in the United States were Catholics are being forced to do things that go against their moral values', noted Barroso. 'I think it’s a very relevant story'."  
Sr Rose adds a reminder: "("R" rating does not mean "bad" automatically. It's about age appropriateness but only from the content perspective - the rating does not address what the movie means.)"

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