Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eucharistic Reflection

On this Feast of the Visitation, here is a thought from Bl. James Alberione about Eucharistic Adoration, in particular, the holy hour, or "Visit":

"The Visit isn't only a matter of reading, or a succession of prayers; all of this is also prayer, but the Visit is something else. The Visit to Jesus and Mary corresponds more or less to a visit you would make to someone you love, whether because of his or her need (for example, visiting a sick person), or out of our own need, as when you need to ask a favor.

"The Visit should bear three fruits:
1. We offer Jesus the homage of our mind, and we hope to obtain the sanctification of our mind.
2. We offer Jesus the homage of the will, and we ask the grace to correct our shortcomings and acquire virtues.
3. We offer the gift of our love, and we ask the graces necessary for our soul; we ask Him to unite us intimately with Him.

"Do we actually do this in our Visit? Do we do them well? The Visit is an important part of our day, but it can be difficult... Pray to be able to make it really well."

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