Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eucharistic Reflection

It's Thursday, the weekly reminder of the night the Lord "took bread, said the blessing, broke it and gave it to his disciples saying 'This is my Body, which will be given up for you'." In my community, it is the preferred day of the week for our shared Hour of Adoration (which we make on our own the rest of the week); in the Church, it is also the day to remember to pray for priests.

 Here's a little thought from Pope Benedict's "Sacrament of Charity," n. 67, which refers especially to the dimension of adoration:

"Wherever possible, it would be appropriate, especially in densely populated areas, to set aside specific churches or oratories for perpetual adoration. I also recommend that, in their catechetical training, and especially in their preparation for First Holy Communion, children be taught the meaning and the beauty of spending time with Jesus, and helped to cultivate a sense of awe before his presence in the Eucharist." (Here are some resources for adoration, including my "Come to Jesus!" for children.)

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