Friday, May 11, 2012

California relic desecrated

I remember how heartsick I felt several years ago while traveling in Spain on seeing the destruction wrought during the Spanish Civil War on the nation's cultural treasures. The people had set their own ancestral heritage on fire, driven by political fanaticism and a kind...of suicidal hatred of their cultural origins. First they killed the priests, and then they destroyed the churches, or destroyed as far as they could reach (I remember one church were you could see an actual line, about 13 feet above the floor, above which the ancient frescoes remained untouched, while everything below had been scrubbed (or burned) right off the walls). Attempts at restoration were pathetic, even though I am sure they were done at great cost. There are signs of this all over Spain.

Judging from what happened in Santa Cruz, California a few night's ago, it's starting here now. Vandals broke a relic of California history--also a Catholic relic, since it was a baptismal font that had been carried into California by none other than Blessed Junipero Serra, who used to be known as the "founder" of California. The vandals didn't even refrain from targeting a home for needy pregnant women on the property. Read more here. 
Pictures on this site, too.

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