Wednesday, April 04, 2012

When the Rating is "R"

Next week I'll be going to the screening of "For Greater Glory" (formerly titled "Cristiada"), a movie that is being promoted to Catholic audiences...with an "R" rating. Sister Rose, our girl in Hollywood, writes:

"A pastoral associate just asked me if it was proper to post the poster for the film FOR GREATER GLORY opening on June 1
"The film is rated "R" for "war violence and some disturbing images". Ratings are information about content to guide parents. Here the "R" rating is appropriate because the violence, though in context and not exaggerated, is intense.

"This is the story of a war, the Cristero war, that took place in Mexico between 1926-1929 over religious freedom and persecution of religion, especially the Catholic Church. It is very well acted and sheds light on not only Mexican history but the US part in the story as well. Highlights the lives of two 'Blesseds': Jose Luis Sanchez and Anacleto Gonzalez Flores.

"[In summary: ] R rating does not mean 'bad' automatically. It's about age appropriateness but only from the content perspective - the rating does not address what the movie means."

Given the timely nature of the theme (Government push for total secularization of society, marginalization of the Church--and of faith itself--from society), this is probably one of those movies that Catholics should see--and talk about.

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