Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Song Paul Loved to Sing

I nearly lost it last week when the iPad containing my last several talks went into some kind of catatonic state. I had done all my work on the iPad and (uncharacterstically) hadn't yet transferred the finished files to any other device. The full "restore to factory settings" that was necessary ensured that the files were lost, unless they had providentially made it to Apple's famous "iCloud" somewhere along the way. (They hadn't; only the inconsequential files, not the ones carefully organized into folders, were safely ensconced online.)
Thankfully, at least two of those missing files have been restored to me, but in a different format. When I gave the retreat talks last month at the Cathedral of St. Paul in the Twin Cities, they were recorded, and an urgent e-mail to the program director is all it took for two CDs to be delivered Priority Mail.
As I continue to hunt for scraps that will help me recover the complete parish mission offered at St. Rita's (my New Orleans trip), pour yourself a big mug of coffee and listen to part 1 of "The Song Paul Loved to Sing."

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