Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meeting the new Catholics


With all the depressing news around us about the Church, the HHS mandate, the loss of the Millennial generation to wholesale atheism (and more!), it is surprising to note that over 100,000 people accepted God's call into the Catholic Church this Easter. Among them, nine motherless siblings in St Paul, led by the ten-year-old, who was the first to announce his desire for baptism. Great story! (Three hankies.)


David said...

An amazing story. God is good! Praise be to our Lord Jesus. Thank you for sharing this, Sister. - David

Ruth Ann Pilney said...

How amazing. I hope the young boy does become a priest.

I have a Chinese friend whose story is similar. Although her parents were Buddhist, they allowed their children to attend Catholic school---in China. All the children became devout Catholics. Now they all live in the U.S. They moved here when China became communist.