Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend update

Was awakened early this morning. A friend was in the ER and had no one to just,,,,be there. So off I went. Ordinarily I would have been able to get a taxi immediately to whisk me to Northwestern, but not at that (not quite ungodly) hour. I ended up walking, wondering what the day held in store. Thankfully, the issue was dealt with (not exactly expeditiously, but with a good outcome), and the rest of the day was mine. And it was pretty full. Among other things, we had four sisters with us this weekend (now already down to three; Sr Nancy had to be back in Redwood City before Monday); it's been fun having so many extra nuns at the dinner table, all bringing their stories and experiences from, pretty literally, the four corners of the continent (if you grant the Northwest to be represented by northern California!).
We're also preparing for our annual Media Literacy Celebration (aka, Oscars party). Sr Helena will be live tweeting, so be sure to follow her @SrHelenaBurns throughout the evening.
My part in the festivities has primarily to do with the kitchen. Sr Frances and I picked up some supplies today, including some real indulgences: brie goat cheese. The goat cheese is part of an experiment....
Ordinarily I do not like to use expensive ingredients in things I am inventing, but in this case I am giving myself a pass because the whole motivation of the experiment was to find a use for an excess of donated onion bagels. Here's my idea (I'll let you know on Monday if it was worth the cost of the goat cheese):
Crumble bagels to small crouton-sized bits. Soak in a mixture of egg, milk (okay, I also added a bit of heavy cream) with fresh rosemary leaves ("fresh" in this case meaning "frozen in a fresh state from Mom's garden when I was last in New Orleans") and the leftover sun-dried tomatoes that have been in the refrigerator compartment for months. (There is now a large steel bowl in said refrigerator in which the onion bagel pieces are now soaking--overnight.)
Tomorrow I intend to pour this into a baking dish (8X13) and poke dots of goat cheese throughout, maybe drizzling a bit of olive oil over it. Then bake until it becomes a savory bread pudding, to be served in bite-sized squares.
Here's hoping!

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