Tuesday, February 07, 2012

TOB: Finding new ways

This Saturday marks the second time we will not be hosting our monthly Theology of the Body class. Participation diminished both "in the body" and online after about three years, so we decided to hit the pause button until we come up with another form to get that same message out, hopefully to a broader audience.
My own thought is that since we have the archive videos of Fr. Loya available online, maybe our next approach should be something more methodical, within a set time frame. For example, eight Saturdays in a row offering a solid overview of "the big book" or something along those lines.
Especially with all the headlines today (between the ongoing debate about the constitutionality of that HHS free birth control mandate and today's ruling that California's voter-approved Proposition 8 is unconstitutional), the Theology of the Body offers a vision of the human person that can't be reduced to slogans. (If it could, I'm sure Pope John Paul would have gladly spared us the 500+ page book.) I have found TOB a rich source of spirituality, a sense of direction in life, an ocean of meaningfulness in all the hot button issues of the day. So many of them have the same root: bewilderment about the human person, and what it means to be an embodied spirit, with a vocation written into our very flesh.
So what approach would you suggest that would be within our very limited means here, as a community of four women who want to make a difference?

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oneeyedsmiley said...

I would love an 8 Saturday's in a row thing on the Big Book :) but also perhaps "stand alone" talks ... I find with young adults especially it is very difficult to commit to 8 Saturdays. If you miss one, you might go back and catch up, but if you miss 2, the tendency is to just stop going until the next series starts ...