Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rhetorical Questions

I just noticed something. It may be the translation of today's Mass readings (after all, ancient manuscripts didn't use punctuation marks), but both readings include rhetorical questions. In one, the question is the expression of sincerity, a taking of responsibility by the questioner (King David*). In the Gospel, we get a whole series of rhetorical questions posed by the townspeople of Nazareth. Unlike David's question (which acknowledges his own responsibility for the plight of the people), the Nazareans use dismissive questions to avoid taking the preaching of Jesus seriously. King David, even as king, submits to God's authority; the people of Nazareth, hearing Jesus preach "with authority," have already written him off. And not even Jesus can work the miracle of bringing them to faith.
That's been the key word so far this week: faith. And it's kind of been the key word for me since this summer.
What about you? Have the scriptures of late given you a "key word" for your life of faith?

* By the way, did you catch David's admission to having "sinned grievously"? That's why we say the same thing ourselves in the "Confiteor" in the new Roman Missal translation! It's a quote from none other than the model penitent of the Old Testament!

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