Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Off the grid

Happy Mardi Gras!
At some unknown point in time last week, my office computer decided to sever all ties with the Internet. After some testing (laptops connected directly to the router worked fine), I thought it was a (cheap) wire, and spent some time today rigging up an alternate route. It still doesn't work. But the old (slow) laptop still finds the www without any trouble. It's funny (and a bit enlightening) to notice what a cramp this put in my style. I have to really think about sending so much as an e-mail, never mind retweeting an interesting article that might save the world. Just in time for Lent, too.

Unfortunately, for the next several weeks I am on call as a back-up translator for our congregation (the real translator is visiting her family, and the other translators are all overwhelmed with documents and such) and am presumed to be available pretty much on the spot. Suppose a sister dies while I am off the grid and her death notice doesn't get sent out to the English-speaking world? Will she languish in Purgatory before I happen upon the project? (Maybe I should invoke the Holy Souls to remedy my office situation!)

Or maybe the Lord is teasingly giving me a way to focus on the immediate projects I do have (those talks in MN and LA).

my Facebook cover picture for Lent

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