Monday, January 02, 2012

Speaking about the Missal...

With the new translation already in effect for a month (and the daily Mass crowd growing more confident by the day in their responses), I expect to field a few questions when I am helping out in the book center, or otherwise engaged in "Church" stuff. At Starbucks, not so much. But there I was, waiting for a peppermint mocha (courtesy of the gift card my brother had sent) when the barista asked me my reactions to the changes in the Mass. (He didn't have to repeat the question.)

Here's a shot of the work in progress on the (world's first?) greenscreen
sewing room. We don't have any projects in mind for it, but when we do,
it will be available; all we have to do is switch out the equipment!
Then a few days ago I made a run to Home Depot. The young man in the paint department wondered why I was asking for Pantone shade 354C. I mentioned that we were going to convert one wall in our sewing room into a greenscreen for video backgrounds. "Cool! What sort of videos?" I mentioned the liturgy videos we did--sans greenscreen--and right away the conversation moved into the changes in the Mass. Another spontaneous "Roman Missal" catechesis.

I wonder where the next one will be: the grocery? The frame shop I hope to get to this afternoon?

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