Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Novena of Bl. James, Day 6

Synod of Bishops 2012 document (Lineamenta), n. 7:
“Reread the present moment in light of the Christian gift of hope. Relearning the meaning of hope leads Christians to discover what they can offer in their world of encounters, experiences and dialoguing with others, what they can share in the process and how they can better express this hope which leads to perseverance. The new sectors which call us into dialogue require turning a critical eye towards our manner of life, our thinking, our values and our means of communication. At the same time, the occasion must also serve as a self-evaluation of Christianity today, which must repeatedly learn to understand itself, beginning from its roots.”

Bl. James writes:
"Mary received a twofold communication: [a message] from the Angel Gabriel, who told her of her divine Motherhood as regards Jesus Christ, and the message of the crucified Jesus Christ, who told her of her universal motherhood as regards his mystical Body which is the Church.

We can give no greater wealth to this poor and proud world than Jesus Christ. Mary gave the world grace in Jesus Christ; she goes on offering him down the ages: in this role [as] universal Mediatrix of grace she is our mother.

The world needs Jesus Christ Way, Truth and Life. [Mary] gives him through apostles and their apostolates. She raises them up, trains them, assists them, and crowns them with good results and glory in heaven.
Everything must conclude on Sunday in one great 'Gloria in excelsis Deo et in terra pax hominibus' in honor of the Blessed Trinity, [words] sung by the angels, as Jesus Christ’s program of life, apostolate and redemption; the Pauline lives in Christ."

Prayer: O God, who raised up in  your Church Blessed James Alberione, priest, to proclaim your Son as the Way, the Truth and the Life through the many forms of communication, grant, we beseech you, that we may follow his example and devote ourselves to preaching the Gospel to all nations. Through Christ our Lord.

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