Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Movie to Movement

A filmmaker Sr Helena knows popped in yesterday; he's in Chicago (hometown for him) to promote an animated 3-D project on the Mass. It will be showing in 20 theaters next week, but the actual release date is in December. Tickets for the pre-release are free to those who show up at the theater with the password (which I forgot; maybe Sr Frances will remember...). But you can also buy a ticket, too: each ticket purchase will provide a year's worth of clean drinking water for a charity in Sudan associated with the production house's mission outreach, "Movie to Movement."  There are other movies waiting in the wings: Cristiada (which I posted the trailer to during the summer); even a remake of the old "Marcellino Pan y Vino."

An interesting approach to mission! Get a worthwhile message yourself and help desperately needy people half a world away.
Here's the trailer for the animated version of the Mass (which will release in English and Spanish):

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